The research leading to these results has received funding from INSERM Plan Cancer 2014-2019.
Project number : C14017LS
Grant number: ASC14017LSA


In radiotherapy (RT) the doses delivered to target-volumes and surrounding tissues are evaluated within 2-3% accuracy. Such a level of accuracy is achieved and maintained through Quality Assurance (QA) programs that affect the RT department management, patient follow-up, distribution of responsibilities, training and equipment management. To date, although investigations on dose estimations for epidemiological studies on long term iatrogenic effects of RT are of increasing importance, the principles of QA, as set for RT, have not yet been adapted for this topic. The resulting lack of transparency contributes to reduce the reliability of the dose estimates performed in this field hence the risk estimates.

Project description:

PeriDoseQuality will implement collaboration between medical physicists, radiation oncologists and epidemiologists. This will enable to define quality criteria for dosimetry in radiotherapy late effects studies. According to these, we will adapt software development and assess the magnitudes of the uncertainties affecting the dose estimates.

Expected results:

PeriDoseQuality will set guidelines and provide QA standards for team organization and retrospective dosimetry quality control involving whole body patient phantoms and dedicated software.